Coloplast SenSura 1-Piece Drainable

User Rating: 8

Coloplast SenSura 1-Piece Drainable.  This is the second pouch I have had, the other one started to fail and loose the adhesiveness on the base plate.  This one is much more secure but I find I can only leave it on for 1 day otherwise I find that the pouch is more prone to leakage.  This does not occur every time I leave it on longer than 1 day but the incidence is increased (this could be more to do with me than the pouch).  The pouch it’s self is very good.  The base plate is fits to the skin very well and  feels very secure.  To drain the pouch is simple and made easy by the Velcro fastening.  When refastened it feels really secure.  The covered pouch with a window is good and allows you to keep an eye on things.  The filters are problematic if pouch is worn for more than one day and the pouch can fill with gas. If you are confident enough you can release the gas out of the drain.  It would however be better if the filter worked for a longer period.  It sound like I am not happy with the pouch but believe me it is great I feel confident when wearing it that it will not let me down.  Overall I rate this pouch highly compared to previous.  The pouch is also easy to remove leaving little trace of the adhesive behind.

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