User Rating: 7

Coloplast SenSura 1 piece Drainable Midi – 15761
I got given this bag in hospital and have had no problems with it, I just have a few slight annoyances.
I like that this bag is opaque but has a window for you to inspect your stoma and make sure you have a tight fit around your stoma. Although it’s not as opaque as I’d like.
It also has the option to fold your bag up in half and an option to fold the tip up unlike the Hollister bag.
It has a nice Velcro closure which is very secure. Although Coloplast have an added plastic piece where you empty, which can get messy and output can get stuck around the plastic piece.
The baseplate is very firm and sticks very well to my skin. Some people may not like how firm the baseplate is as it isn’t very flexible.
The filters work well for the first day but then don’t work at all. These bags don’t have the typical big circular filter.

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