Bethany Purnell

User Rating: 6

Coloplast SenSura Mio 1 Piece Drainable Midi
I was very excited to get my samples of the new Mio’s. I was looking forward to the silky grey material, which is really pretty compared to the usual nude bag.
The baseplate is extremely lightweight and doesn’t feel as if you are wearing a bag. The baseplate is so flexible and molds to any creases. It has stuck perfectly to my skin and has lasted for 3 days.
The size is different compared to my usual Coloplast SenSura bag. The Mio is more square and fairly bigger.
The silky grey material makes it harder to empty. It feels although there is still a lot of output left in the bag even though its empty. This is because the silky grey material is rubbing against the plastic undercoating.
This bag also has an inspection window and an option to fold the bag up in half with the Velcro. Also there is an option to fold the Velcro secure tip up so it doesn’t dig into your leg. Although the Velcro strip to fold your bag in half is in the way of your view of your stoma.
The Mio’s have a new circular filter in the top center of the bag and it works fairly well the first day but then gets worse and worse as the hours go on.

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