Pelican – Select Afresh Drainable Bag

Pelican Select Afresh Drainable Bag, designed for maximum comfort and security with unique and comfortable skin protector

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Manufacturers Description

Company: Pelican

Product: Select Afresh Drainable Bag

Designed for maximum comfort and security

  • Unique and comfortable skin protector
  • Pouch shape designed to suit your body form
  • Wide range of pre-cut skin protectors, ensuring a snug fit
  • Low profile, high performance charcoal filter with controlled flow, minimising the risks of pouch ballooning and pancaking
  • Silky soft fabric for comfort and discretion
  • Split fabric backing to allow accurate positioning of the pouch, along with access to cover the filter when required
  • Clipless system with enhanced features – quick to empty and clean
  • Available with clear or opaque medical film
  • Mini, Standard or Maxi sizes
  • Available with a Convex skin protector

Blake’s Review:

Appearance: The Pelican Select Afresh is slightly darker in colour than others on the market it has more of a tinge of brown rather than pink, the fabric cover has a thicker texture meaning its not so see through, and feels a nicer quality than a couple of others on the market. The Select Afresh also has a window (something I like to have in a bag)

The fastening itself is velcro and also benefits from a small tab so when you empty it makes it much easier! The role up on the bag and fastening are both great and do give you an extra sense of security.

Usability: When fitting the pouch the base plate is perfectly round in appearance and the nice touch to the pouch is the fabric continues on the top layer of the base plate so your not looking at ugly adhesive! The bag itself was relatively easy to cut to size if need be (it does come pre cut if you need it to be)

The base plate if I was totally honest lacks the ability to stick for me personally, however I wanted to give it a fair try so I continued to wear it.

The fastening still works after being in the bath and the fabric on the bag has a waterproof seal on it and the water literally glides off!

Emptying, having the added benefit of the useful tab above the fastener made emptying a breeze!

Comfort: Very comfortable, with no harsh edges on the pouch, fastening or base plate so I hardly knew I was wearing it!

Durability: A great overall bag, with a fantastic finish and design however unfortunately for me I did get a couple of channels and had the fear of a leakage! Which was a shame as I was incredibly impressed with the bag, after seeing a couple of channels appear underneath the baseplate throughout the day I wanted to try and extend my wear with the bag so I added flange extenders half way though my testing. Still incredibly impressed with the pouch itself, but felt I needed the added security.

Filter: A small black carbon filter tucked away and incredibly discreet you can access it through the split window, seemed to do the job without my pouch ballooning too much!

Pro’s: Overall design, comfort and thought thats gone into the pouch is fantastic, I was impressed with the quality and how well it did when emptying and bathing.

Con’s: Unfortunately for me it was the adhesive and stick of the base plate.

Thoughts: A great overall bag and incredibly impressed with the appearance, the overall design and comfort, emptying was easy and it was discreet under clothing. Only thing for me was the adhesion and stickiness it didn’t want to stick on for me unfortunately which was disappointing as I really like this bag!