Pelican Release Adhesive Remover

Pelican Release Adhesive Remover Pelican Release is an effective non sting adhesive remover with the benefit of Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin.

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Manufacturers Description

Pelican Release Adhesive Remover

Blake’s Introduction:

Finding an Adhesive remover that works for you is incredibly important, you need to pick an adhesive remover that takes off your adhesive with ease and doesn’t pull and distress your skin, we are putting on appliances either daily or every couple of days and we don’t want our skin to be put under pressure and cause unnecessary sore skin. The Pelican Release Adhesive Remover has a added benefit of Vitamin E it doesn’t just take off adhesive it also leaves your skin moisturised and feeling nourished as well as the added mint scent.

Manufacturers Guide

Pelican Release is an effective non sting adhesive remover with the benefit of Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Available as a sachet and aerosol for your convenience. Pelican Release dries quickly and thoroughly, and will not compromise adhesion.

  • Silicone based adhesive remover
  • Added Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise the skin
  • Dries quickly and will not compromise adhesion
  • Fresh spearmint fragrance
  • No sting on application

Bag-on-Valve Technology

The Pelican Release aerosol uses advanced ‘bag-on-valve’ technology, which allows you to spray in any direction, even upside down. The lack of any propellants on the skin, means no chill on application and 100% active liquid in every aerosol.

  • 360 degree spraying – even upside down!
  • 99% emptying
  • Quieter than traditional aerosols

Blake’s Review

Packaging: The packaging on the wipe is most definitely one of the smallest on the market! It is half the size of the others on the market. The packaging is clean and feels modern and not overly medical.

Smell: Nice strong minty and fresh smell

Skin: Great as it has added vitamin E which does make your skin feel nourished and softer. The remover leaves you with a good, clean and dry surface quickly.

Ease Of Use: Easy to use and and has clear directions on the back of the packet. The wipes are easy to open and the spray works well at most angles. The remover works well on tough adhesive without pulling at your skin.

The spray is like a powerful mist wish has a wide spray but not to wide its spraying all over the bathroom, the spray has a slight oily feeling on the skin but it drys well. When the spray drys it has a cool evaporating feeling on the skin, so feels like it soothes sore skin.

My Thoughts:

Good overall wipe and spray, the wipe is a handy size and the spray is simple and affective. The wipe needs less adhesive on it as it does make it a little messy when your removing adhesive as it can drip a little. The overall feeling on my skin was great and it does make is a good surface for applying your pouch.