Pelican – Eakin Cohesive Mouldable Seal

Pelican Eakin Cohesive® is soft and mouldable, and fits snugly around the base of your stoma to provide a leak proof seal.


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Manufacturers Description

Pelican – Eakin Cohesive Mouldable Seal


I myself live with an ileostomy so I know all too well the potential problems of leakages and sore skin so anything to assist with this problem would be a godsend. I understand that Eakin have a very successful formula used in their seals which is steeped in history. So I’m reviewing the Cohesive Seal SLIMS, just one of 3 size option available, to see how I get on.

Eakin Cohesive® is soft and mouldable, and fits snugly around the base of your stoma to provide a leak proof seal.

Manufacturers Description: 

Eakin Cohesive Range (Large seals, Cohesive SLIMS, Small seals):

Say ‘Goodbye’ to leaks and ‘Hello’ to healthy skin around your stoma

Eakin Cohesive® is soft and mouldable, and fits snuggly around the base of your stoma to provide a leak proof seal.

Output from your stoma can irritate the surrounding skin, causing it to become red and sore. Eakin Cohesive® helps prevent effluent from coming into contact with the skin, hence minimising any potential skin problems. With the absence of irritants on the skin, skin problems can be minimised.

  • Provides protection by preventing any harmful irritants from coming into contact with the skin
  • Completely mouldable to ensure a perfect fit everytime
  • Alcohol free, will not sting
  • Longer weartime and increased security
  • Made from few ingredients, therefore extremely skin friendly
  • Suitable for use on damaged skin
  • Will not lose adhesive qualities through handling

Which Cohesive seal is right for me?

  • Cohesive SLIMS®  – Comfort and security for all types, shapes and sizes of stoma
  • Small Cohesive® Seal – The same shape and size as the SLIMS, but extra thick. Ideal for extra skin protection, problem skin, or people with significant leakage problems
  • Large Cohesive® Seal – Cover a larger area of skin around the stoma, providing protection over a wider area. Ideal for urostomists, or people who have sensitive skin and find other products cause irritations

Eakin – Cohesive Seal – Blake’s Review


So once again, like other seals, each seal is package in its own individual plastic case with a paper tear back lid which is how most of the competitors in the market have done it. Once you tear back the lid the seal is sandwiched between two pieces of nonstick paper which is really simple to access. The packaging is quiet unisex but not the usual Eakin purple but more an aqua green and blue which I felt looked fresh and not so medical, which is something that appeals to me and I think would appeal to other ostomy products users.

Ease of use

The Cohesive Seal is quick to access and when ready to apply the seal is noticeably sticky but not so sticky that it was tricky to handle. The seal is designed to be mouldable and able to fit and mould around the stomaHoweverI personally found that It’s not the most pliable and did have a brittle feel if you stretched it, but you really can just mould back together easily which I liked.


I wore this The Cohesive Seal for 2 days and 3 days before changing my bag. The comfort was good and seemed to get better with time. Whilst wearing the Cohesive Seal my output varied from watery to porridge as per usual and I only counted 4 or 5 times when I felt some kind of irritation on the skin. On removal the Cohesive Seal came off without breaking apart too much and hadn’t started breaking down too much either.