I know when I had my stoma it was a little bit of a shock, you think you are mentally prepared, you think you’re physically prepared but it is still a bit of a shock when you have left the hospital and left your stoma nurse and your left to do it for yourself!

I know the first couple of days when I got home from surgery I was all fingers and thumbs when opening my ostomy bag and attempting to use the products, I forgot half of the things my stoma nurse said to me and felt like I was calling her at all hours for advice, this is normal and like Debbie my nurse said to me its a new learning curve and thats what she’s there for to be a support.

After surgery you may have days where you resent having a pouch on your stomach, having to care for it, and make adjustments to your lifestyle. You may also feel frightened or angry because you think the stoma looks unsightly, smells or makes you feel less complete than before. For me it was when I first looked in the mirror I know many people after surgery including myself had lost a lot of weight as I had been so poorly before hand and then had all my complications so I felt I didn’t recognise myself anymore.

I had ups and downs and in the first few weeks and as your trying to adjust to your new pouch. I think one thing you do worry about is the opinions of others and how will others react? How will I be able to carry on doing the hobbies and things I love to do?

The one piece of advise I want to give is …. THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS CAN’T …

I have read many sites, tweets and messages where we are told all the time you can’t do this and you can’t do that, and I believe as long as your using the right precautions then anything is possible, I will always try and find a way around anything, just because I have a stoma I won’t let it stop me!

If you used to dance, or be outdoorsy or even love to cook and eat new foods – start doing it again! Theres nothing stopping us!

We can live life to the full, theres nothing stopping us from achieving what we want to!