Courtney’s Story

Courtney was born on 14/01/2004 weighing 5LB 2OZ, she was bought into the world via emergency caesarean 

Since Courtney was born, she always struggled to empty her bowels, however drs and nurses said this was normal due to the fact that she was formula fed, fast forward to age 9, this is where Courtneys story really begins. She was admitted to hospital for emergency appendectomy in april 2013, they successfully removed Courtney appendix which were shown to be inflamed and partly ruptured. Courtney then experienced a 6 weeks period of urinary retention, and all bowel movements as little as they were stopped altogether.

Thaila Skye

A top IBD Blogger who’s mission is to raise much needed awareness – In May 2009 (around that time at least), I started getting the symptoms of what I now know to be Crohn’s disease. I had lost half my bodyweight between 2005 and 2007. ( I thought I was just doing really well at dieting!) So maybe it all started back then, but it wasn’t until May 2009 until I started having the ‘hardcore’ symptoms

Lorna’s Story

One of the founders of the fantastic #GetYourBellyOut – I’ve got Crohn’s and I have been diagnosed since I was 21, now im 32! I’m currently recovering from a resection and ileostomy surgery on the 20th march 2014