JOSH Helpline

The Junior Ostomy Support Helpline (JOSH), recently launched by the Colostomy Association, is a free, confidential and 24-hour helpline set up to provide support for parents of children who have had bladder or bowel surgery resulting in a stoma or bladder augmentation. JOSH aims to fill a gap in the services available to families with these issues, with an estimated four children born each day in the UK who will be affected.

The Colostomy Association is a UK registered charity representing the interests of people with a colostomy. Colostomy is not a subject that
is openly discussed – hence there is a general lack of public knowledge on what it’s like to have a stoma. We offer support, reassurance and practical information to anyone who may be about to have, or already has a colostomy. The Association provides assistance to those who are new to living with a colostomy as well as those who have been colostomates for many years. Appropriate support and advice is offered to families and carers both before and after surgery.

IA, the Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group (formerly known as the Ileostomy Association of Great Britain and Ireland), is a mutual support group which has the primary aim of helping people who have had their colon removed. It was started in 1956 by a group of people who had ileostomies themselves, together with some members of the medical profession. It was the first ostomy association in the United Kingdom and it is a registered national charity (no. 234472).

Have you heard of the Breakaway Foundation?

Breakaway is the only UK wide charity offering support to children with bladder and/or bowel diversions/dysfunction and their families. Since 2006 Breakaway has helped around 300 families, taking them out of isolation and helping them to realise that they are not on their journey alone.